Supporting Orgs with various systems administration needs

Some of the freelance services I provide and have provided in the past are the following:

  • Server Migrations
  • AWS Cost Analysis and Advice
  • Kubernetes cluster support
  • Linux Server tuning
  • CI/CD pipeline creation and optimization

I am comfortable working with the following products.

  • AWS, GCP, Azure, and DigitalOcean Cloud providers
  • Jenkins, Github Actions, CircleCI, Travis, and Gitlab CI/CD platforms
  • Ubuntu, Redhat, Amazon Linux, Centos, Fedora, and Alpine Linux
  • Kubernetes on baremetal, as well as from various cloud providers
  • Argo and Flux Gitops

The above lists are not exhaustive. I'm an eager learner and willing to take on any new challenge, especially if it helps me learn new skills